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  • Guidelines for presentations

    Oral presentations

    Please bring an USB key with your ppt or pdf presentation: it will be loaded on a PC. You can also bring your computer (PC or Mac) and a direct connection will be provided.

    – 5 Invited keynote lectures
    45 min total (35 min + 10 min questions)

    – 5 SIGNALIFE keynote lectures
    30 min total (20 min plus 10 min questions)

    – 10 talks (selected by the Scientific Committee among the abstracts sent)
    20 min total (15 min plus 5 min questions)

    To be hanged during Coffee Break on Monday November 9th, 2015 in Salle Henri Matisse (2nd floor). Panel size to hang the poster : height 1,80m x width 0,90m; claws provided.
    Display and scientific discussions during Wine and Cheese Poster Session, Monday November 9th, evening.
    Posters will have to be removed at the end of the poster session, Monday November 9th, 9:30 pm

    Three poster prizes will be attributed by the meeting Scientific Committee: 1st prize 300€, 2nd prize 200€, 3rd prize 100 €

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