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Histopathology Platform (iBV)

Scientific advisers: E. Van Obberghen-Schilling (PI) and A. Schedl (PI) / Staff: S. Rekima (IE Inserm; Platform responsible)

This platform aims at providing iBV researchers with advice in histological approaches, user’s training in histological techniques and providing full service for untrained users with specific needs.

Equipment: automatic tissue processor (Leica TP1020), tissue embedding center (Leica EG1150), semi-automated microtome (Leica RM2245), cryostat (Leica CM3050), pre-treatment module (Dako PT101 PT link), ductless fumehood (CaptairFlex XLS 483), robot for in situ
hybridization/immunohistochemistry (Intavis InSituProVSI).

Contacts : ;; (04 92 07 65 15)


IRCAN Histology Core Facility

Scientific manager: Marina Shkreli
Research facility manager: Catherine Pons

Presentation: The histology core facility is located within the School of Medicine (Tour Pasteur) on the 9th floor. Access to the Histology core facility equipment and services is opened to all research and clinic personnel within the Nice scientific/hospital community. The Histology core facility includes all the equipment that are necessary to perform tissue embedding, cryo-sectioning, paraffin block sectioning, and fresh tissue sectioning.
Paraffin embedded human samples can be processed within the core facility without any restrictions. Fresh and frozen human samples can be processed within the core facility only after providing a serological checkup to the core facility staff for each patient corresponding to the sample to be processed.

Equipment: The core facility is equipped with:
-An automated tissue processor
-A paraffin embedding machine
-Two microtomes
-Two cryostats
-A vibratome
-A chemical hood dedicated for tissue section staining
-A light microscope allowing analysis of stained tissue sections

Contacts: Email: – Phone: 04 93 37 76 73

Update-January, 2018