The Labex SIGNALIFE is pleased to cordially invite scientists from Nice and the Côte d’Azur to the first SIGNALIFE scientific meeting. The meeting will take place in the Valrose Château (Nice School of Sciences), Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, on April 28-29th, 2014.

1st Labex SIGNALIFE Meeting Final Program-1

During this meeting, distinguished invited lecturers and local scientists will discuss cutting edge research in cell signaling encompassed in the 5 research axis studied by the SIGNALIFE program:

1 – Cellular architecture of signaling pathways
2 – Plasticity and Signaling
3 – Stress Signaling
4 – Signaling in aging and disease progression
5 – New principles in signaling and applications

The attendance at the meeting will be limited to 200 participants including speakers and poster presenters.  The meeting format is designed to encourage interactive discussions in these different areas.

Meeting attendance is free of charge and open to SIGNALIFE and non SIGNALIFE members. We strongly encourage PhD students and young researchers to participate.

Registrations and Applications CLOSED.

.php The Labex SIGNALIFE scientific community is looking forward to welcoming you in the exceptional environment of the Valrose Château Theater for its first meeting !

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