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20 international PhD students in 2015

In 2015, the PhD student recruitment coordinated by the education committee and headed by R. Arkowitz and A. Schedl was highly selective: out of the 472 online applications received on the SIGNALIFE recruitment website, 56 candidates were invited to the Valrose campus for on-site interviews (see on-site visit, 2015).
The 20 laureates of the program have arrived in Nice: they are Cambodian, Canadian, Croatian, Egyptian, German, Greek, Indian, Irish, Italian, Lebanese, Portuguese, Taiwanese, US American and French!!
Until end of October the PhD candidates will complete 3 laboratory rotations in 4 of the partner institutes (iBV, IPMC, IRCAN and ISA). During the 2 weeks of each rotation the students will get an insight in a range of different scientific questions and different model organisms, which are explored by the SIGNALIFE research teams.
After the completion of the rotations, the students will start their PhD research project in the laboratory of their choice in November 2015.

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