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Network for Innovation on Signal Transduction Pathways in Life Sciences

Partner 1


Institut de Biologie Valrose

Partner 2


Institut de Pharmacologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire

Partner 3


Centre Méditerranéen de Médecine Moléculaire

Partner 4


Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging of Nice

Partner 5


Institut Sophia Agrobiotech

Partner 6


Sophia Antipolis-Méditerranéen Research Centre

Our goal for the next eight years is to reinforce our leadership on model Signaling Pathways (SP) and processes studied by SIGNALIFE partners, gain a deeper understanding of their organization and function, identify new frontiers and concepts, altogether contributing to the building of an innovative campus of excellence on signaling.


Research Axes

5 Research Axes

The SIGNALIFE project is organized into 5 main axes, building on existing research expertise and collaborative work from partners to address specific questions, as follows:

1 ‘Cellular architecture of signaling pathways’:
We will explore the structure, organization, compartmentalization and function of major model SP studied by partners. Genetic, proteomic and biochemical screens will be used for new component discovery.

2 ‘Plasticity and Signaling’:
Using a range of model systems, we will explore the molecular mechanisms underlying cell plasticity through biological SP involved in stem and reprogrammed cells.

3 ‘Stress Signaling’:
Cells and organisms respond to various internal and external stresses. We will explore the dynamics of a range of stress signals and their impact on cells, tissues and organisms through modifications of various SP.

4 ‘Signaling in aging and disease progression’:
We will explore the molecular mechanisms leading to SP dysfunction during aging and in a range of pathologies including cancer, neurological, metabolic and inflammatory disorders.

5 ‘New principles in signaling and applications’:
In this transversal axis, we will set up conditions for maximal data/ideas sharing between all participants and develop modeling with the aim of making new hypotheses and concepts leading to innovative projects and large scale cross-platform srceens.