SIGNALIFE platform manager: Agnès Loubat 
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 Address: Institut de Biologie Valrose
Parc Valrose
28, avenue Valrose
06108 Nice Cedex 2

Flow cytometry (or FACS) is a technology that allows the rapid measurement of fluorescently labeled samples. Up to date flow cytometers and cell sorters at the different platform sites allow multi-color accurate statistical analysis on large cell populations (phenotype analysis, cell cycle, ploidy analysis, apoptosis, proliferation, immune-phenotyping, live/dead assays and expression analysis) or multiplex assays of proteins.





Instruments available at the different platform sites:

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IPMC: Julie Cazareth (
iBV: Agnès Loubat (
IRCAN: Ludovic Cervera (
C3M: Marielle Nebout (

Last update, June 2018