Composition and role of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

An international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) has been established in the Labex SIGNALIFE 2020-2024 extension project.

The SAB is made up of six international researchers, who have each been nominated by one of the Labex institutes and have agreed to take part. All are high-level scientists, and together they cover the various research fields of the Labex. A new member was added, representative of the business sector (private companies). A president has been appointed by the Labex management and will be the spokesperson for the SAB.

The Board will meet at least 3 times during the life of the project (5 years), convened by the director of the Labex. It will participate in the recruitment of Chairs of Excellence as a member of the evaluation committee. For confidential issues, only the private company representative will participate in the evaluation of the Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) in collaboration with the Labex CIS (SIGNALIFE Innovation Committee) and the IDEX IVCU (Innovation and Valorization Commission UCAJedi). The Labex SAB will help promote emerging science and industrial partnerships. Upon request, it can provide strategic advice and assessments, as well as reports and recommendations on an ongoing basis.

Members : 6 international scientists + 1 local industrial partner