Abad Pierre – Plant-nematode interactions (IPN), ISA

Antonny Bruno – Dynamics of lipid membranes and protein coats, IPMC

Arkowitz Robert – Polarized growth in yeast, iBV

Auberger Patrick – Cell Death, Differentiation and Cancer, C3M

Ballotti Robert/Bertolotto Corine – Biology and pathology of melanocytes from skin pigmentation to melanomas, C3M

Barbry Pascal – Physiological Genomics of the Eukaryotes, IPMC

Bardoni Barbara – RNA Metabolism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, IPMC

Barres Romain – Metabolic Epigenetics, IPMC***

Besse Florence – Post-Transcriptional Control of Neuronal Plasticity, iBV

Boyer Laurent – Microbial Virulence and Inflammatory Signaling in Disease, C3M

Braendle Christian – Gene-Environment Interactions in Development and Evolution, iBV

Braud Véronique/Anjuère Fabienne – Immune Regulations at Muco-Cutaneous Surfaces, IPMC

Chaboissier Marie-Christine – Sex Determination in Mice, iBV

Cigliola Valentina – Innate Mechanisms of Spinal Cord Regeneration, iBV****

Collombat Patrick – Diabetes Genetics, iBV

Cristofari Gaël – Retrotransposon and Genome Plasticity, IRCAN

Dani Christian – Stem Cells and Differentiation, iBV

Delaunay Franck – Circadian System Biology, iBV

Descombes Xavier – Computational Morphometry and Morphodynamic of Cellular and Supracellular Structures (MORPHEME team : Inria/iBV/I3S)

Dominguez Pilar – Cancer epigenetics and immunotherapy ****

Feral Chloé – Epithelial Homeostasis and Tumorigenesis, IRCAN

Franco Michel/Luton Frédéric – Arf Proteins, Cell Morphology & Membrane Transport, IPMC

Frendo Pierre – Symbiosis and the Redox State of the Cell (SYMBIOSE), ISA

Fürthauer Maximilian – Membrane Trafficking and Developmental Signalling in Animal Development, iBV

Gilson Eric – Telomere, Senescence and Cancer, IRCAN

Glaichenhaus Nicolas – Immune System, Brain and Peripheral Nerves, IPMC

Gouzé Jean-Luc – Biological Control of artificial ecosystems (BIOCORE team: Inria/INRAE/CNRS/Sorbonne Université)

Gual Philippe -Hepatic Complications in Obesity (NAFLD), C3M

Harayama Takeshi – Metabolism and Functions of Membrane Lipids, IPMC**

Hofman Paul – Carcinogenesis-Related Chronic Active Inflammation, IRCAN

Hubstenberger Arnaud – Epi-transcriptomics, iBV*

Hudry Bruno – Cellular Sex and Physiology, iBV*

Hueber Anne-Odile – Death Receptors Signalling and Cancer Therapy, iBV

Lalli Enzo – Mechanisms of Gene Regulation in Physiopathology, IPMC

Lambeau Gérard – Molecular Physiopathology of Phospholipases A2 & Their Mediators, IPMC

Liti Gianni – Population Genomics and Complex Traits, IRCAN

Marie Hélène/Barik Jacques – Physiopathology of Neuronal Circuits and Behavior, IPMC

Martin Stéphane – Sumoylation in Neuronal Function and Dysfunction, IPMC

Nahon Jean-Louis – Genomics & Evolution in Neuro-Endocrinology (GENE), IPMC

Noselli Stéphane – Epithelial Morphogenesis and Left-Right Asymmetry in Drosophila, iBV

Panabières Franck – Plant-Oomycte Interactions (IPO), ISA

Poirié Marylène – Evolution and Specificity of Multitrophic Interactions (ESIM), ISA

Rauzi Matteo – Morphogenesis and mechanics of epithelial tissues, iBV*

Ricci Jean Ehrland – Metabolic Control of Cell Deaths, C3M

Romero Nuria – Developmental timing, Environment, and Behaviors, ISA**

Röttinger Eric – Embryogenesis, Regeneration & Longevity, IRCAN*

Schedl Andreas – Molecular Programs Controlling Development and Tissue Homeostasis, iBV

Shkreli Marina – Telomerase and adult stem cell homeostasis, IRCAN*

Studer Michèle – Development and Function of Brain Circuits, iBV

Tanti Jean-François/Cormont Mireille – Cellular and Molecular Pathophysiology of Obesity and Diabetes, C3M

Tartare-Deckert Sophie/Deckert Marcel – Microenvironment, Signaling and Cancer, C3M

Thérond Pascal – Signal Transduction and Control of Morphogenesis in Drosophila, iBV

Trabucchi Michele – Control of Gene Expression, C3M

Trompouki Eirini – Molecular Hematology – Blood signals, IRCAN***

Van Obberghen-Schilling Ellen – Adhesion Signaling and Stromal Reprogramming in the Tumor Microenvironment, iBV

Yvan-Charvet Laurent – Metabolism and Cancer, C3M*

*2019 SIGNALIFE teams

** 2020 SIGNALIFE teams

*** 2022 SIGNALIFE Teams: Labex Chairs of Excellence

**** 2023 SIGNALIFE Teams: Labex Chairs of Excellence

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