Facilities and equipment

High quality facilities are a prerequisite for the realization of innovative projects. The Institutes associated with Signalife have developed state-of-the-art technology platforms with open access for all local scientists:

  • Imaging Facilities through the multi-site MICA Platform (, providing access to optical microscopy including bright field and fluorescence microscope, live cell microscopy (both wide-field and confocal), TIRF and confocal microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, laser-capture microdissection and electron microscopy, facilities for image analysis (deconvolution, 3D rendering and animation) and several flow cytometers and cell sorters.
  • Two main functional Genomics Platforms in Sophia-Antipolis (IPMC) and Nice (IRCAN), merged into the same structure, UCA GenomiX (, equipped with Next Generation sequencing facilities with developments in long reads sequencing, single-cell approaches and bioinformatics. Additional molecular biology platforms in Nice notably include a genome editing facility (iBV) with the latest CRISPR / Cas9 technology for targeted genome modifications in various model organisms.
  • Proteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics facilities ( located on 3 sites providing with multiple mass spectrometry and proteomics equipments.
  • A Biobank, located in Nice Hospital providing high quality, ethically obtained biospecimens to support research and closely associated with genotyping and molecular pathology laboratory.
  • Several histology platforms providing advices and training for all histological studies.
  • Animal units and experimental facilities in Nice and Sophia-Antipolis (4 sites) for various animal models.



Update – January, 2018