PhD publications
Post-doc publications

  • 2022 (21)

    Atsou Kevin, Khou Sokchea, Anjuère Fabienne, Braud Véronique M, Goudon Thierry. Analysis of the Equilibrium Phase in Immune-Controlled Tumors Provides Hints for Designing Better Strategies for Cancer Treatment. Frontiers in oncology. (IF=5.7) 2022 12: 878827

    Benjamin Goodluck, Pandharikar Gaurav, Frendo Pierre.Salicylic Acid in Plant Symbioses: Beyond Plant Pathogen Interactions.  (IF=0.0) 2022 11(6): Epub ahead of print

    Berestjuk Ilona, Lecacheur Margaux, Carminati Alexandrine, Diazzi Serena, Rovera Christopher, Prod`homme Virginie, Ohanna Mickael, Popovic Ana, Mallavialle Aude, Larbret Frédéric, Pisano Sabrina, Audebert Stéphane, Passeron Thierry, Gaggioli Cédric, Girard Christophe A, Deckert Marcel, Tartare-Deckert Sophie. Targeting Discoidin Domain Receptors DDR1 and DDR2 overcomes matrix-mediated tumor cell adaptation and tolerance to BRAF-targeted therapy in melanoma. EMBO molecular medicine. (IF=14.3) 2022 14(2): e11814

    Bourdely Pierre, Petti Luciana, Khou Sokchea, Meghraoui-Kheddar Aida, Elaldi Roxane, Cazareth Julie, Mossadegh-Keller Noushine, Boyer Julien, Sieweke Michael H, Poissonnet Gilles, Sudaka Anne, Braud Veronique M, Anjuère Fabienne. Autofluorescence identifies highly phagocytic tissue-resident macrophages in mouse and human skin and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. Frontiers in immunology. (IF=8.8) 2022 13: 903069

    Dani Vincent, Yao Xi, Dani Christian. Transplantation of fat tissues and iPSC-derived energy expenditure adipocytes to counteract obesity-driven metabolic disorders: Current strategies and future perspectives. Reviews in endocrine & metabolic disorders. (IF=9.3) 2022 23(1): 103-110

    De Graeve Fabienne, Formicola Nadia, Pushpalatha Kavya Vinayan, Nakamura Akira, Debreuve Eric, Descombes Xavier, Besse Florence.Detecting Stress Granules in Drosophila Neurons. Methods in molecular biology. (IF=0.0) 2022 2428: 229-242

    Diazzi Serena, Baeri Alberto, Fassy Julien, Lecacheur Margaux, Marin-Bejar Oskar, Girard Christophe A, Lefevre Lauren, Lacoux Caroline, Irondelle Marie, Mounier Carine, Truchi Marin, Couralet Marie, Ohanna Mickael, Carminati Alexandrine, Berestjuk Ilona, Larbret Frederic, Gilot David, Vassaux Georges, Marine Jean-Christophe, Deckert Marcel, Mari Bernard, Tartare-Deckert Sophie.Blockade of the pro-fibrotic reaction mediated by the miR-143/-145 cluster enhances the responses to targeted therapy in melanoma. EMBO molecular medicine. (IF=14.3) 2022 14(3): e15295

    Feliz Morel Álvaro Javier, Hasanovic Anida, Morin Aurélie, Prunier Chloé, Magnone Virginie, Lebrigand Kevin, Aouad Amaury, Cogoluegnes Sarah, Favier Judith, Pasquier Claude, Mus-Veteau Isabelle.Persistent Properties of a Subpopulation of Cancer Cells Overexpressing the Hedgehog Receptor Patched.  (IF=6.5) 2022 14(5): Epub ahead of print

    Fierling Julien, John Alphy, Delorme Barthélémy, Torzynski Alexandre, Blanchard Guy B, Lye Claire M, Popkova Anna, Malandain Grégoire, Sanson Bénédicte, Étienne Jocelyn, Marmottant Philippe, Quilliet Catherine, Rauzi Matteo. Embryo-scale epithelial buckling forms a propagating furrow that initiates gastrulation. Nature communications. (IF=17.7) 2022 13(1): 3348

    Garrido-Utrilla Anna, Ayachi Cha&#xef;ma, Friano Marika Elsa, Atlija Josipa, Balaji Shruti, Napolitano Tiziana, Silvano Serena, Druelle No&#xe9;mie, Collombat Patrick.Conversion of Gastrointestinal Somatostatin-Expressing D Cells Into Insulin-Producing Beta-Like Cells Upon <i>Pax4</i> Misexpression. Frontiers in endocrinology. (IF=6.1) 2022 13: 861922

    Giordano La&#xef;la, Allasia Val&#xe9;rie, Cremades Alexandra, Hok Sophie, Panabi&#xe8;res Franck, Bailly-Ma&#xee;tre B&#xe9;atrice, Keller Harald.A plant receptor domain with functional analogies to animal malectin disables ER stress responses upon infection.  (IF=6.1) 2022 25(3): 103877

    Giordano La&#xef;la, Schimmerling Marion, Panabi&#xe8;res Franck, Allasia Val&#xe9;rie, Keller Harald. The exodomain of the impaired oomycete susceptibility 1 receptor mediates both endoplasmic reticulum stress responses and abscisic acid signalling during downy mildew infection of Arabidopsis. Molecular plant pathology. (IF=5.5) 2022 23(12): 1783-1791

    Jose Gregor P, Harayama Takeshi. Unique acyl chains mark phosphoinositides for recycling. The EMBO journal. (IF=14.0) 2022 41(18): e112163

    Mendez-Bermudez Aaron, Lototska Liudmyla, Pousse Melanie, Tessier Florent, Croce Oliver, Latrick Chrysa M, Cherdyntseva Veronica, Nassour Joe, Xiaohua Jiang, Lu Yiming, Abbadie Corinne, Gagos Sarantis, Ye Jing, Gilson Eric.Selective pericentromeric heterochromatin dismantling caused by TP53 activation during senescence. Nucleic acids research. (IF=19.2) 2022 50(13): 7493-7510

    Montandon Margo, Hamidouche Tynhinane, Yart Lucile, Duret Lou C, Pons Catherine, Soubeiran Nicolas, Pousse M&#xe9;lanie, Cervera Ludovic, Vial Val&#xe9;rie, Fassy Julien, Croce Olivier, Gilson Eric, Shkreli Marina. Telomerase is required for glomerular renewal in kidneys of adult mice. NPJ Regenerative medicine. (IF=14.4) 2022 7(1): 15

    Pronot Marie, Poupon Gw&#xe9;nola, Pizzamiglio Lara, Prieto Marta, Chato-Astrain Isabel, Lacagne Iliona, Schorova Lenka, Folci Alessandra, Brau Fr&#xe9;d&#xe9;ric, Martin St&#xe9;phane.Bidirectional regulation of synaptic SUMOylation by Group 1 metabotropic glutamate receptors. Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS. (IF=9.2) 2022 79(7): 378

    Pushpalatha Kavya Vinayan, Solyga Mathilde, Nakamura Akira, Besse Florence.RNP components condense into repressive RNP granules in the aging brain. Nature communications. (IF=17.7) 2022 13(1): 2782

    Rovera Christopher, Berestjuk Ilona, Lecacheur Margaux, Tavernier Cassandre, Diazzi Serena, Pisano Sabrina, Irondelle Marie, Mallavialle Aude, Albrengues Jean, Gaggioli C&#xe9;dric, Girard Christophe A, Passeron Thierry, Deckert Marcel, Tartare-Deckert Sophie, Prod`homme Virginie. Secretion of IL1 by Dedifferentiated Melanoma Cells Inhibits JAK1-STAT3-Driven Actomyosin Contractility of Lymph Node Fibroblastic Reticular Cells. Cancer research. (IF=13.3) 2022 82(9): 1774-1788

    Saraswathy Vishnu Muraleedharan, Kurup Akshai Janardhana, Sharma Priyanka, Pol&#xe8;s Sophie, Poulain Morgane, F&#xfc;rthauer Maximilian. The E3 ubiquitin ligase mindbomb1 controls planar cell polarity-dependent convergent extension movements during zebrafish gastrulation. eLife. (IF=8.7) 2022 11: Epub ahead of print

    Tsai Meng-Chen, Fleuriot Lucile, Janel S&#xe9;bastien, Gonzalez-Rodriguez David, Morel Camille, Mettouchi Amel, Debayle Delphine, Dallongeville St&#xe9;phane, Olivo-Marin Jean-Christophe, Antonny Bruno, Lafont Frank, Lemichez Emmanuel, Barelli H&#xe9;l&#xe8;ne.DHA-containing phospholipids control membrane fusion and transcellular tunnel dynamics. Journal of cell science. (IF=5.2) 2022 135(5): Epub ahead of print

    Yao Xi, Dani Christian. A Simple Method for Generating, Clearing, and Imaging Pre-vascularized 3D Adipospheres Derived from Human iPS Cells. Methods in molecular biology. (IF=0.0) 2022 2454: 495-507


  • 2021 (18)

    Berger Antoine, Boscari Alexandre, Puppo Alain, Brouquisse Renaud. Nitrate reductases and hemoglobins control nitrogen-fixing symbiosis by regulating nitric oxide accumulation. Journal of experimental botany. (IF=7.0) 2021 72(3): 873-884

    Cansell Céline, Stobbe Katharina, Sanchez Clara, Le Thuc Ophélia, Mosser Coralie-Anne, Ben-Fradj Selma, Leredde Joris, Lebeaupin Cynthia, Debayle Delphine, Fleuriot Lucile, Brau Frédéric, Devaux Nadège, Benani Alexandre, Audinat Etienne, Blondeau Nicolas, Nahon Jean-Louis, Rovère Carole. Dietary fat exacerbates postprandial hypothalamic inflammation involving glial fibrillary acidic protein-positive cells and microglia in male mice. Glia. (IF=7.5) 2021 69(1): 42-60

    Da Silva Fabio, Jian Motamedi Fariba, Weerasinghe Arachchige Lahiru Chamara, Tison Amelie, Bradford Stephen T, Lefebvre Jonathan, Dolle Pascal, Ghyselinck Norbert B, Wagner Kay D, Schedl Andreas. Retinoic acid signaling is directly activated in cardiomyocytes and protects mouse hearts from apoptosis after myocardial infarction. eLife. (IF=8.1) 2021 10: Epub ahead of print

    Dani Vincent, Yao Xi, Dani Christian. Transplantation of fat tissues and iPSC-derived energy expenditure adipocytes to counteract obesity-driven metabolic disorders: Current strategies and future perspectives. Reviews in endocrine & metabolic disorders. (IF=6.2) 2021 : Epub ahead of print

    Fayad Racha, Rojas Monserrat Vázquez, Partisani Mariagrazia, Finetti Pascal, Dib Shiraz, Abelanet Sophie, Virolle Virginie, Farina Anne, Cabaud Olivier, Lopez Marc, Birnbaum Daniel, Bertucci François, Franco Michel, Luton Frédéric. EFA6B regulates a stop signal for collective invasion in breast cancer. Nature communications. (IF=14.9) 2021 12(1): 2198

    Ilié Marius, Mazières Julien, Chamorey Emmanuel, Heeke Simon, Benzaquen Jonathan, Thamphya Brice, Boutros Jacques, Tiotiu Angélica, Fayada Julien, Cadranel Jacques, Poudenx Michel, Moro-Sibilot Denis, Barlesi Fabrice, Thariat Juliette, Clément-Duchêne Christelle, Tomasini Pascale, Hofman Véronique, Marquette Charles-Hugo, Hofman Paul, Israel-Biet Dominique, Pison Christophe, Moro-Sibilot Denis, Lantuejoul Sylvie, Stephanov Olivier, Juliette Meyzenc, Mendozat Christophe, Zaidi Manel, Coulouvrat Sandra, Col Edwige, Chanez Pascal, Greillier Laurent, Tomasini Pascale, Barlesi Fabrice, Mascaux Céline, Jourdan Sandrine, Roger Aurélie, Biemar Julie, Randriamampionona Rondro, Chabot François, Tiotiu Angélica, Clement-Duchene Christelle, Vignaud Jean-Michel, Lacomme Stéphanie, Lomazzi Sandra, Laurent Carine, Bulsei Xavier, Bischoff Laura, Rakotonirina Raymond, Layouni Mehdi, Deslee Gaëtan, Mal Hervé, Kessler Romain, Vergnon Jean-Michel, Pelissier Isabelle, Cuvelier Antoine, Bourdin Arnaud, Jounieaux Vincent, Roche Nicolas, Jouneau Stéphane, Bonniaud Philippe, Scherpereel Arnaud, Mornex Jean François, Steenhouwer François, Leroy Sylvie, Marquette Charles Hugo, Benzaquen Jonathan, Mazzette Andrea, Padovani Bernard, Hofman Paul. Prospective Multicenter Validation of the Detection of ALK Rearrangements of Circulating Tumor Cells for Noninvasive Longitudinal Management of Patients With Advanced NSCLC. Journal of thoracic oncology : official publication of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer. (IF=15.6) 2021 16(5): 807-816

    Jamecna Denisa, Antonny Bruno. Intrinsically disordered protein regions at membrane contact sites. Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular and cell biology of lipids. (IF=4.5) 2021 1866(11): 159020

    Logt Anne-Els van de, Justino Joana, Vink Coralien H, van den Brand Jan, Debiec Hanna, Lambeau Gérard, Wetzels Jack F. Anti-PLA2R1 Antibodies as Prognostic Biomarker in Membranous Nephropathy. Kidney international reports. (IF=4.2) 2021 6(6): 1677-1686

    Luci Carmelo, Bihl Franck, Bourdely Pierre, Khou Sokchea, Popa Alexandra, Meghraoui-Kheddar Aida, Vermeulen Ophelie, Elaldi Roxane, Poissonnet Gilles, Sudaka Anne, Bozec Alexandre, Bekri Selma, Cazareth Julie, Ponzio Gilles, Barbry Pascal, Rezzonico Roger, Mari Bernard, Braud Veronique M, Anjuère Fabienne. Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Development Is Associated with a Temporal Infiltration of ILC1 and NK Cells with Immune Dysfunctions. The Journal of investigative dermatology. (IF=8.6) 2021 141(10): 2369-2379

    Macia Eric, Vazquez-Rojas Monserrat, Robiolo Alessia, Fayad Racha, Abélanet Sophie, Mus-Veteau Isabelle, Fontaine-Vive Fabien, Mehiri Mohamed, Luton Frédéric, Franco Michel. Chlortetracycline, a Novel Arf Inhibitor That Decreases the Arf6-Dependent Invasive Properties of Breast Cancer Cells. Molecules. (IF=4.4) 2021 26(4): Epub ahead of print

    Mensch Maria, Dunot Jade, Yishan Sandy M, Harris Samuel S, Blistein Aline, Avdiu Alban, Pousinha Paula A, Giudici Camilla, Busche Marc Aurel, Jedlicka Peter, Willem Michael, Marie Hélène. Aη-α and Aη-β peptides impair LTP ex vivo within the low nanomolar range and impact neuronal activity in vivo. Alzheimer`s research & therapy. (IF=0.0) 2021 13(1): 125

    Mograbi Baharia, Heeke Simon, Hofman Paul. The Importance of <i>STK11</i>/<i>LKB1</i> Assessment in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinomas. Diagnostics. (IF=3.7) 2021 11(2): Epub ahead of print

    Napolitano Tiziana, Avolio Fabio, Silvano Serena, Forcisi Sara, Pfeifer Anja, Vieira Andhira, Navarro-Sanz Sergi, Friano Marika Elsa, Ayachi Chaïma, Garrido-Utrilla Anna, Atlija Josipa, Hadzic Biljana, Becam Jérôme, Sousa-De-Veiga Anette, Plaisant Magali Dodille, Balaji Shruti, Pisani Didier F, Mondin Magali, Schmitt-Kopplin Philippe, Amri Ez-Zoubir, Collombat Patrick. Gfi1 Loss Protects against Two Models of Induced Diabetes. Cells. (IF=6.6) 2021 10(11): Epub ahead of print

    Partisani Mariagrazia, Baron Carole L, Ghossoub Rania, Fayad Racha, Pagnotta Sophie, Abélanet Sophie, Macia Eric, Brau Frédéric, Lacas-Gervais Sandra, Benmerah Alexandre, Luton Frédéric, Franco Michel. EFA6A, an exchange factor for Arf6, regulates early steps in ciliogenesis. Journal of cell science. (IF=5.3) 2021 134(2): Epub ahead of print

    Prieto Marta, Folci Alessandra, Poupon Gwénola, Schiavi Sara, Buzzelli Valeria, Pronot Marie, François Urielle, Pousinha Paula, Lattuada Norma, Abelanet Sophie, Castagnola Sara, Chafai Magda, Khayachi Anouar, Gwizdek Carole, Brau Frédéric, Deval Emmanuel, Francolini Maura, Bardoni Barbara, Humeau Yann, Trezza Viviana, Martin Stéphane. Missense mutation of Fmr1 results in impaired AMPAR-mediated plasticity and socio-cognitive deficits in mice. Nature communications. (IF=14.9) 2021 12(1): 1557

    Ruberto Anthony A, Gréchez-Cassiau Aline, Guérin Sophie, Martin Luc, Revel Johana S, Mehiri Mohamed, Subramaniam Malayannan, Delaunay Franck, Teboul Michèle. KLF10 integrates circadian timing and sugar signaling to coordinate hepatic metabolism. eLife. (IF=8.1) 2021 10: Epub ahead of print

    Vigne Paul, Gimond Clotilde, Ferrari Céline, Vielle Anne, Hallin Johan, Pino-Querido Ania, El Mouridi Sonia, Mignerot Laure, Frøkjær-Jensen Christian, Boulin Thomas, Teotónio Henrique, Braendle Christian. A single-nucleotide change underlies the genetic assimilation of a plastic trait. Science advances. (IF=14.1) 2021 7(6): Epub ahead of print

    Yao Xi, Dani Christian. A Simple Method for Generating, Clearing, and Imaging Pre-vascularized 3D Adipospheres Derived from Human iPS Cells. Methods in molecular biology. (IF=0.0) 2021 : Epub ahead of print

  • 2020 (46)

    Almeida S, Chaves M, Delaunay F. Cell cycle period control through modulation of clock inputs. Journal of bioinformatics and computational biology. (IF=1.1) 2020 18(3): 2040006

    Almeida S, Chaves M, Delaunay F. Control of synchronization ratios in clock/cell cycle coupling by growth factors and glucocorticoids. Royal Society open science. (IF=2.6) 2020 7(2): 192054

    Almeida Sofia, Chaves Madalena, Delaunay Franck. Transcription-based circadian mechanism controls the duration of molecular clock states in response to signaling inputs. Journal of theoretical biology. (IF=2.3) 2020 484: 110015

    Barré Benjamin P, Hallin Johan, Yue Jia-Xing, Persson Karl, Mikhalev Ekaterina, Irizar Agurtzane, Holt Sylvester, Thompson Dawn, Molin Mikael, Warringer Jonas, Liti Gianni. Intragenic repeat expansion in the cell wall protein gene HPF1 controls yeast chronological aging. Genome research. (IF=11.1) 2020 30(5): 697-710

    Benzaquen Jonathan, Dit Hreich Serena Janho, Heeke Simon, Juhel Thierry, Lalvee Salomé, Bauwens Serge, Saccani Simona, Lenormand Philippe, Hofman Véronique, Butori Mathilde, Leroy Sylvie, Berthet Jean-Philippe, Marquette Charles-Hugo, Hofman Paul, Vouret-Craviari Valérie. P2RX7B is a new theranostic marker for lung adenocarcinoma patients. Theranostics. (IF=8.6) 2020 10(24): 10849-10860

    Berger Antoine, Boscari Alexandre, Horta Araújo Natasha, Maucourt Mickaël, Hanchi Mohamed, Bernillon Stéphane, Rolin Dominique, Puppo Alain, Brouquisse Renaud. Plant Nitrate Reductases Regulate Nitric Oxide Production and Nitrogen-Fixing Metabolism During the Medicago truncatula-Sinorhizobium meliloti Symbiosis. Frontiers in plant science. (IF=4.4) 2020 11: 1313

    Berger Antoine, Boscari Alexandre, Puppo Alain, Brouquisse Renaud. Both nitrate reductases and hemoglobins control the nitrogen-fixing symbiosis via the regulation of nitric oxide level. Journal of experimental botany. (IF=5.9) 2020 : Epub ahead of print

    Berger Antoine, Guinand Sophie, Boscari Alexandre, Puppo Alain, Brouquisse Renaud. Medicago truncatula Phytoglobin 1.1 controls symbiotic nodulation and nitrogen fixation via the regulation of nitric oxide concentration. The New phytologist. (IF=8.5) 2020 227(1): 84-98

    Billard Bénédicte, Vigne Paul, Braendle Christian. A Natural Mutational Event Uncovers a Life History Trade-Off via Hormonal Pleiotropy. Current biology : CB. (IF=9.6) 2020 30(21): 4142-4154.e9

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    Castagnola Sara, Cazareth Julie, Lebrigand Kevin, Jarjat Marielle, Magnone Virginie, Delhaye Sébastien, Brau Frederic, Bardoni Barbara, Maurin Thomas. Agonist-induced functional analysis and cell sorting associated with single-cell transcriptomics characterizes cell subtypes in normal and pathological brain. Genome research. (IF=11.1) 2020 30(11): 1633-1642

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    Chougule Anil, Lapraz François, Földi István, Cerezo Delphine, Mihály József, Noselli Stéphane. The Drosophila actin nucleator DAAM is essential for left-right asymmetry. PLoS genetics. (IF=5.2) 2020 16(4): e1008758

    D`Angiolo Melania, De Chiara Matteo, Yue Jia-Xing, Irizar Agurtzane, Stenberg Simon, Persson Karl, Llored Agnès, Barré Benjamin, Schacherer Joseph, Marangoni Roberto, Gilson Eric, Warringer Jonas, Liti Gianni. A yeast living ancestor reveals the origin of genomic introgressions. Nature. (IF=42.8) 2020 587(7834): 420-425

    Diazzi Serena, Tartare-Deckert Sophie, Deckert Marcel. Bad Neighborhood: Fibrotic Stroma as a New Player in Melanoma Resistance to Targeted Therapies. Cancers. (IF=6.1) 2020 12(6): Epub ahead of print

    Efthymiou Georgios, Saint Angélique, Ruff Michaël, Rekad Zeinab, Ciais Delphine, Van Obberghen-Schilling Ellen. Shaping Up the Tumor Microenvironment With Cellular Fibronectin. Frontiers in oncology. (IF=4.8) 2020 10: 641

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    Ghiggeri Gian Marco, Seitz-Polski Barbara, Justino Joana, Zaghrini Christelle, Payré Christine, Brglez Vesna, Dolla Guillaume, Sinico Alberto, Scolari Francesco, Vaglio Augusto, Prunotto Marco, Candiano Giovanni, Radice Antonella, Bruschi Maurizio, Lambeau Gérard, Ghiggeri Gian Marco, Radice Antonella, Sinico Alberto, Scolari Francesco, Gesualdo Loreto, Moroni Gabriella, Magistroni Riccardo, Santoro Domenico, Pani Antonello, Vaglio Augusto, Allegri Landino, Pisani Isabella, Granata Antonio, Grandagliano Giuseppe, Rolla Davie, Boscutti Giuliano, Bianco Lucia Mardin, Bruschi Maurizio, Ravani Pietro, Bodria Monica, Candiano Giovanni. Multi-Autoantibody Signature and Clinical Outcome in Membranous Nephropathy. Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology : CJASN. (IF=6.6) 2020 15(12): 1762-1776

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    Hasanovic Anida, Simsir Méliné, Choveau Frank S, Lalli Enzo, Mus-Veteau Isabelle. Astemizole Sensitizes Adrenocortical Carcinoma Cells to Doxorubicin by Inhibiting Patched Drug Efflux Activity. Biomedicines. (IF=4.7) 2020 8(8): Epub ahead of print

    Heeke Simon, Benzaquen Jonathan, Hofman Véronique, Ilié Marius, Allegra Maryline, Long-Mira Elodie, Lassalle Sandra, Tanga Virginie, Salacroup Carole, Bonnetaud Christelle, Fayada Julien, Gazoppi Loïc, Ribeyre Lydia, Castelnau Olivier, Garnier Georges, Cattet Florian, Nanni Isabelle, de Fraipont Florence, Cohen Charlotte, Berthet Jean-Philippe, Leroy Sylvie, Poudenx Michel, Marquette Charles Hugo, Denis Marc G, Barlesi Fabrice, Hofman Paul. Critical Assessment in Routine Clinical Practice of Liquid Biopsy for EGFR Status Testing in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Single-Laboratory Experience (LPCE, Nice, France). Clinical lung cancer. (IF=3.6) 2020 21(1): 56-65.e8

    Heeke Simon, Benzaquen Jonathan, Hofman Véronique, Long-Mira Elodie, Lespinet Virginie, Bordone Olivier, Marquette Charles-Hugo, Delingette Hervé, Ilié Marius, Hofman Paul. Comparison of Three Sequencing Panels Used for the Assessment of Tumor Mutational Burden in NSCLC Reveals Low Comparability. Journal of thoracic oncology : official publication of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer. (IF=13.4) 2020 15(9): 1535-1540

    Heeke Simon, Hofman Véronique, Ilié Marius, Allegra Maryline, Lespinet Virginie, Bordone Olivier, Benzaquen Jonathan, Boutros Jacques, Poudenx Michel, Lalvée Salomé, Tanga Virginie, Salacroup Carole, Bonnetaud Christelle, Marquette Charles-Hugo, Hofman Paul. Prospective evaluation of NGS-based liquid biopsy in untreated late stage non-squamous lung carcinoma in a single institution. Journal of translational medicine. (IF=4.1) 2020 18(1): 87

    Hofman Véronique, Benzaquen Jonathan, Heeke Simon, Lassalle Sandra, Poudenx Michel, Long Elodie, Lantéri Elisabeth, Bordone Olivier, Lespinet Virginie, Tanga Virginie, Bonnetaud Christelle, Bille Yvonne, Ilié Marius, Marquette Charles, Barlesi Fabrice, Boutros Jacques, Hofman Paul. Real-world assessment of the BRAF status in non-squamous cell lung carcinoma using VE1 immunohistochemistry: A single laboratory experience (LPCE, Nice, France). Lung cancer. (IF=4.7) 2020 145: 58-62

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