Since 2016, our Labex SIGNALIFE has been integrated into the IDEX UCA Jedi (see the link). The IDEX decided to attribute 450 K€ to each territory’s Labex, starting from 2019. The SIGNALIFE Labex Council has decided to use this amount to extend Labex perimeter by integrating labeled teams recruited by the various institutes since the Labex was created in 2012. This initiative is in line with the principles of excellence of the Labex and the idea of integrating young and/or new visible teams.
Based on excellence criteria (ATIPE/AVENIR, ERC), the last Labex Council meeting (December 19th, 2018) has validated the integration of 6 new SIGNALIFE teams coming from various Labex institutes and working on cell signaling.

Hubstenberger Arnaud – Epi-transcriptomics, iBV

Hudry Bruno – Cellular Sex and Physiology, iBV

Rauzi Matteo – Morphogenesis and mechanics of epithelial tissues, iBV

Röttinger Eric – Embryogenesis, Regeneration & Aging, IRCAN

Shkreli Marina – Telomerase and adult stem cell homeostasis, IRCAN

Yvan-Charvet Laurent – Haematometabolism in diseases, C3M